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The Powell Forest Canoe Route is one of the finest canoe journeys in the province.

Expect enrapturing visuals: soaring coastal mountains laden with cedar, fir, and spruce trees overlook fjord-like waters, and wildlife sightings, from bald eagles to black bears.

The Route

The Powell Forest Canoe Route is a 57 km, 8 lake, 5 portage journey that takes roughly 5 days. Portages range from 0.7 km – 2.8 km, and paddling stretches from 1 km – 28.5 km. The best time to travel the route is from June – October. 

If you’re not up for the full 5 days of canoeing and portaging, you can get a ride to Windsor Lake and descend back down to Lois Lake (~3 days) or get a head start from any point along the Goat Lake Main and take the usual route. Or, you can start at the beginning and canoe to Khartoum Lake (2 days). Whichever route you choose, we strongly recommend not starting from the Shinglemill end as the Windsor/Goat portage is extremely steep in this direction.

World-class canoeing and views

Campsites along the route have picnic tables, outhouses, fire pits, and occasionally firewood (please follow fire ban regulations). Paddling is on flat water, and portage paths are clear and have frequent rest stops, but are not wide enough for boat carts.

Access & Safety
All lakes on the canoe route are logging-road accessible. Please note that logging roads are only open for public use on the weekends and after 6 pm during the week. 

Powell River Forest Service Road Information
Call (604) 485-3132.

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